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Don’t forget sound when considering a new comfort system.

Many people are looking at upgrading their furnaces this year due to the Federal Tax Credit program.  For many people, it is a great opportunity.  Just remember, the system you choose will be part of your home for the next 20-30 years.  Therefore, choose wisely.

It is very tempting to choose the cheapest system that qualifies for the tax credit.  However, our happiest customers tend to be the ones who educate themselves on the benefits of higher-end equipment.  One of the benefits often overlooked is that of quietness.  There are more motors and moving parts in furnaces today than 30 years ago.  More moving parts can translate into more noise.

Did you ever think your new furnace could be noisier than the old one?  It happens, often.

Multi-staged/modulating, variable speed 95% furnaces have proven to be the quietest option available.  To ensure the very lowest sound level, choose one with a variable speed induced draft motor and a sealed burner compartment.

Remember, quiet is comfortable.

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Be comfortable,
Dan Linger

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